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Genre: Soul
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Grammy-nominated songwriter Jeanine Smith has had her share of ups and downs since entering the music business. She got her first "break" in May of 2002 when Anthony Hamilton spotted her singing outside Philadelphia's Five Spot club. He recognized her talent and invited her to record a song for his album. The gamble paid off and the song went on his platinum selling, Grammy-nominated debut Coming From Where I'm From.

Her style is quirky and street, soulful and pop, hip-hop and r&b.

In 2003 Smith won the BMI/Songwriter's Hall of Fame Abe Oleman award for excellence in songwriting. Still the road to glory was a long shot so she stayed her course. While living the life of a starving artist/songwriter in New York she recorded with top producers and collaborated with many different artists. She recorded a full album in 2006 which caught the ears of industry execs in the Bay Area. In 2008 Smith got signed by Quannum Projects so she moved to Oakland to be closer to what she thought would be her big chance to impact the industry. Things with Quannum went south when TVT Records (the company that distributed Quannum) folded. Once again she was back to the drawing board, but she remains hopeful about the future and is still working to achieve her goal.

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It Ain't Over
Jeanine – Vocals
2002, Las Vegas, NV
Lauryn Noel Hill, Chaka Khan, Oprah, Mo’Nique, Sarah Vaughn, Prince, Rick James
Current status
Recording, performing