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Jet Jagger

Jet Jagger

Genre: Rock
Web site:

Late on night at the end of a set by the noise rock band [Feedbacker], MichaeL, Greg and Aldo went to go talk to the musicians when suddenly a UFO came down from the sky. A beam of light shone down, and picked up the members of [Feedbacker], claiming the earth was not ready to understand their music. After the strange experience, the three decided to make a band to replace what the earth had lost that day.

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Ramblin Gamblin
Sitting in the Sun
Aldo Santana – Bass, Vocals
Greg Pinachos – Backup Vocals, Drums
MichaeL – Guitar, Vocals
2009, Las Vegas, NV
Ella Fitzgerald & Count Basie, Tom Waits, The Seatbelts, John Cage, Electric Wizard
Current status
Writing, recording and performing local gigs.