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Josh Bell Hates Everything

Genre: Podcast

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'Frankenweenie' and the Tim Burton style
Checking out fall TV
Episode 100: Cars 2 and the Pixar standard
Episode 101: Potter-mania!
Episode 102: A summer of hate
Episode 105: 'The Thing' and the best and worst of horror remakes
Episode 106: Werewolves and vampires and zombies, oh my!
Episode 107: 'Breaking Dawn' and the 'Twi'-hard phenomenon
Episode 108: Christmas movie miracles
Episode 109: 'Tintin,' 'War Horse,' and the career of Steven Spielberg
Episode 110: The best movies of 2011
Episode 67: A couple of pleasant surprises
Episode 68: A lovely failure
Episode 69: Mel's back, and he's mad
Episode 70: From Vegas, with hate
Episode 71: Minor Scorsese still delivers
Episode 72: Infallible Oscar predictions
Episode 73: Catching up on hate
Episode 74: A mythological failure
Episode 75: Not quite good enough
Episode 76: 'Iron Man 2' and the future of superheroes
Episode 77: Hate (and love) for 'Robin Hood'
Episode 78: Taking stock of Lost
Episode 79: Druggie rock stars and mutant babies
Episode 80: The return of hating
Episode 81: Fun with Mexican and American violence
Episode 82: Summer movie wrap-up
Episode 84: Don't bet on Wall Street
Episode 85: Coffins, clones and mental patients
Episode 86: Woody and Clint: A retrospective
Episode 87: Horror, horror and more horror
Episode 88: Holiday movie blowout
Episode 89: Boxers, ballet dancers and computer-generated hotties
Episode 90: 'True Grit' and a Coen brothers retrospective
Episode 91: The best movies of the year
Episode 92: Sex and the movies
Episode 93: Josh Bell hates the Oscars
Episode 94: The horrors of Wes Craven
Episode 95: The state of HBO
Episode 96: Summer movie preview extravaganza
Episode 97: Judd Apatow, king of comedy
Episode 98: X-Men, Thor and other movie superheroes
Episode 99: Terrence Malick: genius or fraud?
Hitchcock and 'Hitchcock'
Paul Thomas Anderson: 'The Master' filmmaker
Returning to Middle-Earth in 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey'
Talking James Bond and ‘Skyfall’
Talking Tarantino
Winners and should-be winners at the Oscars