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Losing Tomorrow

Losing Tomorrow

Genres: Metal, Rock
Web site:

Slithering through the under belly of the Las Vegas underground metal scene is Losing Tomorrow. With a vengeance Losing Tomorrow has been accosting audiences in the Southwest for more than two years.

The five-piece underground metal band’s hard core yet melodic sound is the work of lead vocalist Nick Kross. The dueling lead guitarists are Robert Acquino and Dave DiOrio. Corey Sorrenti brings his finger-picking bass style right to your gut. The double bass drums are the ear-splintering work of Jon Peterson. Their deep and heavy sound is the result of drop tuning and strong heavy melodies.

When it comes to live bands here in Las Vegas Losing Tomorrow is ear shattering and in your face live rock and roll. Their energy is infectious, no one goes to a show or sees Losing Tomorrow that doesn’t feel it in their gut. It’s in your face, fists in the air, bang your head raw, underground unabashed rock. Definitely not for your little sister with the teddy bear collection.

These enthusiastic hard rockin guys have been requested to play at such far away venues as Florida and Michigan. Folks who have a taste for seriously intense underground metal need to lend an ear drum. People just like you are uniting and becoming Losers of Tomorrow! If you have All That Remains, Godsmack, Metallica, Bullet For My Valentine, Killswitch Engage, or Avenge Sevenfold on you iPod it won’t be long before you to are a Loser of Tomorrow with this band on your iPod.

“All bands say the same shit over and over again,” Nick Kross says. “We look at the world around us and see flaws just like everyone else so we do one of the only things that we know how and that makes us feel just a little bit better. We all listen to all kinds of music but love to perform our brand of underground metal because of its raw in your face energy.”

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Broken Down
Into the Abyss
Just Like Yesterday
Nick Kross – Guitar, Vocals
Robert Aquino – Guitar
Corey Sorrenti – Bass
Jon Peterson – Drums
Dave DiOrio – Guitar
2007, Las Vegas, NV
Velvet Revolver, Unearth, Tool, In Flames, Guns and Roses
Current status
Playing local gigs
Released: 2007