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Mr. Finley

Mr. Finley

Genres: Hip hop, Rap
Web site:

Mr. Finley was born Michael Dean Finley Jr. in West Las Vegas, NV. At age of 13, he was immersed into music as a singer and later took up rapping while in the eighth grade once he knew he had a gift for rhyming. At the age of 16, he and some friends formed the rap group Desert Squad and Mr. Finley would adopt his first stage name - Wease Mac. Before the group disbanded because of shady management years later, they released their biggest song in 1999 called "Bounce That Ass." The song was played often throughout the clubs in Vegas and brought a lot of love to the group but more importantly – it helped to build a name for Mr. Finley. Years later he would release his King of Vegas Vol. 1 mixtape in 2004 and the following volumes 2, 3 and 4 in summer 2005.

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Sin City
Michael Finley Jr. – Vocals
2009, Las Vegas, NV
Outkast, Devin the Dude, Jay-Z and 2 Pac.