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My Dying Heart

My Dying Heart

Genre: Hardcore
Web site:

My Dying Heart is a group of five passionate high school music lovers who are hardworking, dedicated musicians. Its fans are the people that help MDH keep its sanity. It makes its music to escape from the world. Its members feel that playing shows, hanging out with its fans and making friends is the best part of the life style. It's just dedicated to the music.

When playing, whether it’s in the studio or on stage, MDH play to its fullest ability. Its members are full of energy that's just waiting to be let out on stage.

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Dig Your Own Grave
Let's Hardcore Dance the Night Away
Kody – Vocals
Andrew – Guitar
Robert – Keyboards, Synthesizer
Charlie – Drums
Sage – Drums
2008, Las Vegas, NV
Current status
Playing locally and touring.
My Dying HeartMy Dying Heart