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Genres: Alternative, Rock
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In March of 2003, Newsense was officially born when they played their first show ever. The original concept of the band was conceived by Marc Walther and Tobias Mishel who originally started the band. Marc was set to sing and play bass, Tobias would play guitar. The first drummer used for Newsense was Ryan Brunty. This set-up began to lay the foundation for what is now Newsense. The original sound of Newsense was very pop-punk and formulaic, with songs written primarily by Marc, Tobias, and in many cases Eric Walther, who would later join the band. By late 2003, Newsense lost Ryan on drums and turned to someone who had been jamming and writing with the band for years. Eric Walther became the drummer of Newsense. At this time the band began to expand and more in its sound and added more variety into different forms of rock music. The sound was a success and they continued to improve their songs as well as their live performance. Now Newsense continues writing more songs that are complex in structure, lyrically divine, and still maintain that catchy vibe that has always been their backbone. Tobias Mishel moved to California during the summer of 2006 and now Steven Johnson plays guitar, as well as bass for Newsense. Toward the latter end of 2006, another member would be added to also play the guitar, Jello Nishimoto, who has known the band and its members for several years. But after over a year with his work with the band, Jello had to leave the band due to an issue with his responsibilities with his career as a teacher at a local high school. Coming in to play bass with the band would be Declan Desart. With the new line-up, the band is able to be more flexible by adding multiple guitar parts, more keyboards, and thrive off of the energy each of the four members have. So with a few demos and a live DVD under their belt, Newsense is ready to release a new album, “Bittersweet.”

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Backs Turned
Streets of Paris
Mark Walther – Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Eric Walther – Bass, Drums, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Steve Johnson – Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Declan Desart – Bass, Vocals
2003, Las Vegas, NV
The Beatles, The Killers, The Strokes, Modest Mouse
Current status
Touring, recording, writing, playing local shows
No Album ArtSeventeen In Chains
Released: 2003
No Album ArtConcubines
Released: 2004
No Album ArtMake It Snappy
Released: 2005
No Album ArtBlind to Reality
Released: 2006
No Album ArtMinivan E.P.
Released: 2007
No Album ArtBittersweet
Released: 2008