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October Surprise

October Surprise

Genre: Punk rock
Web site:

October Surprise is a hardcore punk rock band from North Las Vegas. October Surprise has 35 songs and has played alongside bands such as The Independents, D.I., Citizen Fish, The Press Fire, Suite 666, G.D.B., Dirty Sanchez, The Day After and many others.

Thank-you: J-Zoner & Shauny Boi

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Secret Society
Utopian Nightmare
El Capone – Bass, Vocals
D-Dogg – Guitar, Vocals
Eric the Great – Vocals
TomKat – Drums
2006, North Las Vegas, NV
The current state of affairs in government, society's evils, double standards, Public Enemy, Geto Boys, 2-Live crew, N.W.A.
Current status
Recording, performing live shows, writing and soon to be touring.
Utopian NightmareUtopian Nightmare
Label: Futile Substrates
Released: 2007