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Genres: Hardcore, Rock
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CJ and Jesse started a band and asked some friends to join them. Thus Joey, Roger, CJ, Jesse and a slew of signers embarked on a musical journey. Shortly after that, the singers went their separate ways and CJ suggested his friend Austin should join them as the new singer. CJ parted ways with the band and was replaced by Ben on the drums. Things were looking somewhat stable until Joey decided to leave the band. After that, OffWithHisHead scooped up a guitar prodigy named Jacob and have since been a steady band.

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Austin Jeffers – Harmonica, Vocals
Roger Ortiz – Guitar
Jesse Heartlauer – Bass
Ben Christensen – Drums
Jacob Aritosan – Guitar, Piano, Strings
2004, Las Vegas, NV
Everytime I Die, Evergreen Terrace, Converge, Ed Gein, Fugazi, Fury 666
Current status
Writing and doing local shows
No Album ArtMy Heart Beats Only Out of Habit
Released: 2006
No Album ArtSwollow the Creek
Released: 2007