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Old Man Syndrome

Old Man Syndrome

Genres: Alternative, Metal, Rock
Web site:

Old Man Syndrome is a hard-hitting rock band with dark heavy grooves, an in-your-face approach and a completely original sound to top off this trio. The bands' influences include groups such as Ill Repute, Dr. Know, Scared Straight which is now Pulley. Rage Against the Machine, Tool, Fugazi, Helmet, Quicksand and the whole Seattle scene including bands such as Pearl Jam and Alice and Chains.

Many bands played a part in what we now create, concentrating on being ourselves while believing that every artist has a different sound than the one before or after him or her. Originality is what drives this band to create. Starting the band, as is the case for most new groups, wasn't easy. In the beginning, singer/bassist Jeff Samuelson moved to Las Vegas for work reasons in 1997 and then began traveling back and forth from his home town of Simi Valley, CA to meet guitarist Rob Lutz for jam sessions. Knowing that something special had been created, a permanent move was inevitable.

In 2001, while hunting for a drummer to complete this trio, the band was able to write 8 songs in 8 weeks. After nearly 7 years and 6 drummers, the band found Matt Tapley rounded out the trio. OMS thrives on playing everywhere and anywhere. Critics and fans alike have a hard time believing this power trio delivers such a loud and full sound with small numbers.

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Recent Appearances
Kill Devil Kill
Jeff Samuelson – Bass, Vocals
Robert Lutz – Guitar, Vocals
Matt Tapely – Drums
2001, Las Vegas, NV
Fugazi, Quicksand, Helmet, Tool, Rage Against The Machine, Downer, Black Sabbath, Nirvana, Primus, etc.
Current status
Performing local gigs.