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One Loud Secret

One Loud Secret

Genres: Indie rock, Pop
Web site:

Here's an idea… Let's take four, multi-talented, internationally acclaimed percussionists, from ground-breaking performance groups such as: STOMP, STOMP OUT LOUD and Plastic Musik; Combine all of their different emotions, backgrounds, frustrations, lifestyles, music education, touring & performing experience into one carbon-filled dynamo bottle of power-pop; fueled by 1 part vocal, 2 parts funk and 1 part modern rock. Then give them 100% creative freedom and cram everything into a rehearsal room somewhere in the middle of the desert, shake it up as hard as you can and see if the energy can be contained until they play live… Leilani Dibble, Jeremy Price, Andy Burnette and Dave McGraw are "One Loud Secret."

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Grit (taste it, feel it)
Lets Go!
Dave McGraw – Drums
Andy Burnette – Bass
Lelani Dibble – Vocals
Jeremy Price – Guitar
STOMP, STOMP OUT LOUD and Plastic Musik
Current status
Performing locally.