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Genres: Progressive, Rock
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In a city bloated by bright lights & fake breasts,
five young men set out on a very real odyssey. Armed
only with their natural talents, the lads of OTHERWISE
battle vehemently against an enormous neon beast,
trying desperately to show the world that Las Vegas
rock bands have more to sing about than transvestites
& harlequin girls. With frontman Adrian Patrick’s
powerful, aggressive vocals spearheading the charge,
guitarist Ryan Patrick is always there to defend his
older brother with his lethal six-string. Providing
ground support for this five-man army is drummer Dave
McMahan, with his undeniable grooves & teeth rattling
precision leading the heavy cavalry of Ivan’s
thunderous, seismic bass-lines. Finally, the
pop-sensibilities, ethereal harmonies & energetic
style of guitarist Jason Juadines remind the young
poet-warriors that in their hard-rock un-holy war,
wherever there is music, there is hope. This is the
story of OTHERWISE:

The Brothers Patrick spent the majority of the past
three years attempting to motivate band mates that
didn’t have the drive, the dedication or simply, the
talent. That is no longer the case after hooking up
with long-time friends Ivan & RCA recording-artist,
Dave McMahan.

So instead of breaking local ordinances the boys have
been breaking local attendance records, firmly
securing their place among Las Vegas’ elite rock
outfits. Dubbed the “#1 unsigned act in America” by
FOX News, and the “#1 unsigned band in Las Vegas” by
Xtreme Rock Radio 107.5, OTHERWISE have a very bright
future ahead of them.

These five young men plan
to spread their message of hope and despair on
unfurled wings of fortune and glory. On their quest
for immortality, they plan to give no quarter. With
the right team behind them, and a little luck,
OTHERWISE sit poised to conquer their world, three and
a half minutes at a time…

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Recent Appearances
Stone Sour & Papa Roach
Jason Juadines – Guitar, Vocals
Adrian Patrick – Vocals
Dave McMahan – Drums
Ivan – Bass
Ryan Patrick – Guitar
2004, Las Vegas, NV
Stone Temple Pilots, Thrice, U2, Alice In Chains, Led Zeppelin, Third Eye Blind, The Doors, Postal Service, A Perfect Circle, Atreyu, Rise Against, Rage Against the Machine, Funeral For a Friend, Billy Idol, Bob Marley, The Allman Brothers
Current status
Recording and performing local gigs.
No Album ArtOtherwise