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Pan De Sal

Pan De Sal

Genres: Electronica, Worldbeat
Web site:

With inspiration taken from the far corners of the earth, a small group from Las Vegas has set out to unite the world’s sounds within their songs. Pan De Sal is a world beat experimental indie pop band that formed in the winter of 2006 as a collective where different musicians from many genres can come together to create music not found anywhere else. The core group: Shelia Hall (aka Orange Sheila), Judi Brown (of Love Pentagon) and Jeff Madlambayan (aka The Doodler), doesn’t hesitate to use whatever instruments they can get their hands on to contribute to their sound, whether it is a set of turntables, a bass guitar, synth pads or a didgeridoo. Pan De Sal’s live shows come with an energetic chaos that draws the audience in to their spontaneous on stage tactics, often giving out maracas, shakers and other little noisemakers for onlookers to participate. Their combination of textures, ambiance, and schoolyard chants sculpts the band’s overall package. Their lyrics also integrate many different languages: French, Tagalog, and Portuguese, supporting the idea that music comes from one world despite conflicting political views between countries. The band advocates a socially conscious agenda; instead of money in exchange for merchandise, they encourage fans to donate canned food and old clothing that can be delivered to the Las Vegas Rescue Mission or the Rape Crisis Center.

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Sheila Hall – Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Madlambayan – Percussion, Vocals
Judi Brown – Bass, Vocals
2006, Las Vegas, NV
M.I.A., Michael Jackson, Fela Kuti, Emma Goldman
Current status
Recording and writing