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Genres: Alternative, Rock
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PAR~A~DIGM has made it a point to experiment in every direction possible. New creative and explored acoustic sounds mixed with heavy electronics and walls of vocals.

The hard working quintet from Las Vegas has made it a point to maintain originality and creativity in their music. With influences ranging from Christian Rock, to alternative, to pop, and everything in between, PAR~A~DIGM packs a different punch with each song.

Every song is a blend of ideas from each member’s musical style, background, and influences. Reggie offers catchy, melodic vocals, new-age style synth lines, and rave-worthy electronic beats. Andre and Allen counter with aggressive riffs, dueling leads, and the occasional scream. Suzzi continues the process with melodic bass lines. Finally, Robert swiftly pummels out extremely energized and unconventional pop-punk beats.

Take for example their latest songs. With riffs that could easily blend into any hardcore or metal song, drumming that could rival many pop-punk acts, and enough vocal melodies to have you singing “over and over…,” you get a good idea of the versatility and variety in PAR~A~DIGM sound.

Another important pillar in PAR~A~DIGM sound are its lyrics. Stemming away from the conventional lyrics associated with rock and its surrounding genres (heavy rock, alternative, pop, etc.), themes range from psychology, to conspiracy theory, religion, and sometimes even attacking the scene itself. Our lyrics leave no stone unturned and no question unanswered.

PAR~A~DIGM is geared up to show us all what they do better than anyone else. Groove hard and in the pocket.

PAR~A~DIGM has perhaps the most inspiring and soul-energizing performers on this planet. They are inspired by many performers, and audiences old and young alike, but continues to be a hidden treasure for music fans worldwide.

Presently PAR~A~DIGM is preparing the finishing touches on their repertoire for recording sessions which will lead to their full-length, yet-to-be-titled debut album.

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