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Genre: Pop
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Poppermost was formed in 2001 by singer/songwriter Alex Oliver and bassist/technical guru Roy Al Rendahl. Along with a few guest players, the two “pops” performed for five years in support of two albums, a half dozen singles and a handful of four-song EPs. Feeling the strain of “band life,” Alex and Roy retired to the studio and created a special valentine for their listeners in the form of a cartoon. Lex, Ms. Tex and Royal produced the third Poppermost album and they continue to present the latest Poppermost songs, jokes, contests and musical education.

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All About You
Angel Wings
Bang Bang
Bang Bang Rock Version
Bitter Suite
Christine Purple Star
Erika III
Family Christmas Tree
Gabriella Sasparilla
Isabella Vina
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Let It Shine
Liv Says
One More MIle
Saturday Night
Wishing Well
Lex Neon – Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Ms. Tex Duckingham – Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Vegas Royal – Bass, Vocals
2001, Las Vegas, NV
The Beatles, Oasis, R.E.M., The Who
Current status
Writing, recording
Label: Suicide Pop! Records
Released: 2001
Absolutely SonicAbsolutely Sonic
Label: Suicide Pop! Records
Released: 2004
Bitter Suite Swan SongsBitter Suite Swan Songs
Label: Suicide Pop! Records
Released: 2007