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Primal Scream- A Tribute to Motley Crue

Primal Scream- A Tribute to Motley Crue

Genres: 80s, Metal, Pop
Web site:

Primal Scream, a Las Vegas-based Motley Crue tribute band, was formed during the summer of 2008. Founding member, James Jupiter, quickly teamed up with Vance Steele, later recruiting Donny Lee and Sikki Nixx to complete this powerful concept band. Each member portrays a character from a different era and from four of the most influential Motley Crue releases, giving a new spin to what a tribute band can be. You may ask yourself "Why did these bad boy rockers choose to tribute Motley Crue?" The answer is a simple one. Motley Crue crosses over all genres of rock and roll music; from glam, to heavy metal, to hard rock, end even now... pop/top40! This means that people of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy the music, as there are a multitude of hits to please everyone. Primal Scream is a band "crue-zing" their way to, not only local, but nationwide popularity.

Vance "Theatre of Pain" Steele is the voice of Primal Scream and the bastard son of the Rock and Roll Gods, he has the range and power to perfectly duplicate all of your favorite Crue songs live in concert. As a true crowd-pleaser and the ultimate entertainer, he gets high praise by concert goers for his performances and how he has paid homage to his counterpart, the great Vince Neil.

James "Shout at the Devil" Jupiter is the guitarist and also does back up vocals. If you were to put out an ad in the L.A. Times looking for a "loud, rude and aggressive" guitarist, James Jupiter would come up from the depths of hell... through the ashes of dreams... and out of the blackness of hate... grinding out bone crushing power chords and playing the songs note for note better than ever.

Sikki "Dr. Feelgood" Nixx, bassist and backup vocalist for the group, isn't called Sikki for nothing! He is an absolute monster on stage. So much, that we try to keep him in a straight jacket at all times... only to have this madman shred off the sleeves and start ravaging the bass like its an all out metal orgy!

Donny "Girls, Girls, Girls" Lee, drummer and back up vocalist has possibly the toughest role in the band. The drumming, the style, the charisma, the reputation... He has been known to snort a fifth of Jack Daniels off of a stripper's ass. He lives by "The Code"... "Sex, Drums, Rock and Roll". That's why the girls, girls, girls love him.

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Vance Steele – Vocals
James Jupiter – Vocals
Donny Lee – Drums, Vocals
Sikki Nixx – Bass, Vocals
2008, Las Vegas, NV
Motley Crue
Current status
Performing at local venues, casinos and for corporate events.