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Genre: Hip hop
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Brandon "Pro-Dash" Greene began making music at 14 as a way to help him voice things he felt but had a difficult time talking to people about. Now at 25, Pro-Dash has evolved as both a businessman as well as a musician. He is Cinevegas’ Emerging Film Maker award winner and a UNLV Film School graduate who serves as CEO of James Dash Media Group as well as The Chapter Head of the Las Vegas Hip-Hop Congress. He now has ventured off as a solo artist. In the new year, Pro-Dash will be releasing an album titled “Pro-Sperity,” a magazine titled The "V" which is available now and several other projects. With top-notch interviews under his belt and videography contracts done with both the City of Las Vegas and CBS, there is nothing that can stop this motivated young artist.

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Get That Cash
Pro-Dash – Vocals
2002, Las Vegas, NV
Outkast, Mos Def, Alcoholics, Tupac, Big Daddy Kane, Arrested Development
Current status
Recording and setting up a tour
No Album ArtNetworth
Released: 2003