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Rushmore Beekeepers

Rushmore Beekeepers

Genres: Folk, Rock
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Zach Fountain began writing and recording music in the late 1990s, and began performing solo under the name Rushmore Beekeepers (borrowed from the movie Rushmore) in early 2001. He has since self-released five albums of original material written, recorded and performed all by himself. Occasionally Rushmore Beekeepers has taken on additional musicians, and sometimes performs with members of Love Morris and Fly Away Tigers, of Phoenix, AZ, his brother Tosh Perri of Las Cruces, NM, as well as other wonderful people.

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Street I've Never Seen
The Time That Passes
What it's Like to be Sad
Zach Fountain – Banjo, Bass, Drums, Glockenspiel, Guitar, Harmonica, Keyboard, Mandolin, Organ, Vocals
2001, Las Vegas, NV
Bob Dylan, The Modern Lovers, Bruce Springsteen, Modest Mouse, Eels, Old 97s, The Velvet Underground pre-WWII folk/blues
Current status
Currently performing locally which consistently writing and recording new material. An album is set for release in October of 2008.
No Album ArtSing Along Songs
Released: 2002
No Album ArtAll Night Diner
Released: 2002
No Album ArtToday Is Boring
Released: 2004
No Album ArtMaybe This Time Next Year
Released: 2004
No Album ArtLike They Do In Movies
Released: 2006
No Album ArtThrowing Mud at Your Streetlight
Released: 2009