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Scurvy Shyster Bastards

Scurvy Shyster Bastards

Genres: Alternative, Rock
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Out of the slot machines, scumbags and loose women come the Scurvy Shyster Bastards, a band of full-blooded American spirit and elbow grease. Will Bender (lead vocals/guitar) was conceived in a taxi cab on the Las Vegas Strip. Left only to his mother this bastard has made it his quest to be heard by unopened minds. Knowing that in this day and age of self-indulgence and prosperity through poverty, he has been in search of the like-minded underground. Time has served him well running into a man who was found by himself as a baby popping wheelies on his stroller, Dave Faris (bass). Together the sound of burning money has been crackling for years right before there eyes. The final edition to this band of unearthed grace has been an escaped resident of a New Mexico insane asylum. Jon Faris (vocals/drums) left his family for the greater life Vegas has to offer and has fit in his new world perfectly. As voices have been heard through the years, many times sounds have been absorbed too many courses over. These fiends have been researching all the aspects of the cartels’ exports and watching them grow. Now they struggle in a capitalistic society as mere taxpaying servants under a watchful eye. Here is something new, something different and definitely influenced by artists of the past and present.

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Fun With Guns
Davey Faris – Bass
Will Bender – Guitar, Vocals
Johny Faris – Drums, Vocals
2007, Las Vegas, NV
Nirvana, The Doors, Sublime, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden
Current status
Writing, local gigs