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Seven d' Six

Seven d' Six

Genres: Electronica, IDM
Web site:

It all began with the influence of a friend (EH), and his talented way of producing simple, yet amazing compositions. His influence became the gateway drug for my electronic creativity.

My goal is to make the music in my head come to life. Heavily influenced by Aphex Twin (and countless other artists), I set out to make music that would not only be original, but would provoke emotion, and attempt to capture life itself: full of ugliness, beauty, laughter, hatred, love, lust, inspiration, death, darkness, and light. I struggled at first.

My choice to stay away from commercial loops, and regurgitated beats made a task out of learning Fruity Loops (later evolving to Logic Pro). Eventually the music was coming together like a jigsaw puzzle, and the creativity itself was shooting through my veins like pure adrenaline. I became an addicted slave, lusting for more. I became hopeful that I could finally share my music with the rest of the world. As I created songs, learned from my mistakes, and tweaked my material, I cranked out hundreds of tracks. My latest accomplishment being a three-disc album named DIN. I currently have two newer unreleased albums Analog Bullet and "Logic". I still remain optimistic, continue to blaze out beats, and remain a content slave to my creativity.

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Seven d' Six – Keyboard
2001, Las Vegas, NV
Aphex Twin, Daft Punk, Clark, Ratatat, Four Tet
Current status
Recording and performing locally.
No Album ArtFervent & Baroque
Released: 2004
No Album ArtDIN
Released: 2005
No Album ArtLogic
Released: 2009
No Album ArtAnalog Bullet