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Genres: Hip hop, Reggae

Skydro is known for his music which reflects an overwhelmingly positive vibe. Originally from the islands of Belize, Skydro has lived all over the U.S. including New York, Los Angeles and for the past six years, Las Vegas, Nevada. The variety of the places in which he has lived have strongly influenced his music. The rhythm and soul of the Caribbean, the metropolis depth of NYC, the shimmer of Hollywood and the mysteries of the desert-filled Southwest have each been a stone in the path to Skydro’s first album.

As a deeply spiritual man in tune with all of his senses, making music that can be felt on a universal level has always been Skydro’s true passion and professional endeavor. After meeting and beginning his collaboration with Las Vegas-based producer/composer David Rosen, Skydro began creating such tracks as “Every Star,” “Ghosts of Struggle,” and “Hip Hop Dreams.” Skydro's wide spectrum of influence combined with Rosen's Urban and New Age instrumental stylings, made for a truly original musical experience.

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I Wanna Get Away
Skydro – Vocals
David Rosen – Production
2000, Las Vegas, NV
2pac, Bob Marley, SuperCat, Wyclef
Current status
Performing and promoting.