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Slow Children

Slow Children

Genres: Alternative, Indie rock, Rock
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Slow Children was influenced first by their parents, as most kids are. Growing up listening to what made their folks smile helped influence the idea that music is important in life.

Guided at the beginning mostly by the music of the 60s and 70s (THE BEATLES, PINK FLOYD, THE BEACH BOYS, QUEEN, THE DOORS, LED ZEPPELIN), the boys began to learn about the musical phenomenon the generation before had already known as the birth of rock and roll.

As the boys grew into their rebellious transition period (puberty) the Garage Band era had been booming now for a few years. Suddenly they found themselves seduced by a more sinister and aggressive kind of rock they never heard before: hard-rock; alternative-rock; and punk-rock. The old cassette tapes started to collect dust and the rainbow sheen of their compact discs suddenly dominated their collections. Now influenced by NIRVANA, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, 311, OUR LADY PEACE, DAVE MATHEWS BAND, BUSH, TOADIES, SMASHING PUMPKINS and PEARL JAM, the boys found the music of the 90s to be most influential on their developing of genre.

After Slow Children had been playing music for a couple years and the turn of the century had come and gone, they were more distinguished musicians and found themselves exploring new influences. Suddenly out of nowhere they found themselves listening to TOOL, NINE INCH NAILS, MUSE, BEN HARPER, THE JOHN BUTLER TRIO and SYSTEM OF A DOWN, it became clear to them that they really had no idea what genre Slow Children had become. Rock, yes of course, but what kind of rock have they been rendered into? You tell us...

This past year they have been working diligently on their new album Lost in Reverie and touring the northwest performing at big festivals and theaters, often in front of crowds of 1,000+. Locally, they have been playing venues like House of Blues, Puff, Canyon Club, Margaritaville and they headlined "Laurie Steele's Homegrown Show 10 Year Anniversary Show" at Club Madrid.

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Feeling of Release
Misery for Sale
Yet to Come
Caleb Moffit – Bass, Vocals
Bryan Bacci – Guitar
Kevin Hutman – Drums
Silverchair, Sublime, Pink Floyd, Tool, Foo Fighters, 311, Dave Matthews, STP, Nirvana, Ben Harper, Floater
Current status
performing, recording, touring
No Album ArtLife in Reverie
Released: 2009