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Smashing Alice

Smashing Alice

Genres: Alternative, Hard rock
Web site:

Jason Simomelli: Vocals/Frontman extraordinaire

Began ripping up my vocal chords at age 14 in my friends basement with a shitty little wannabe death metal band called "DEFILER". Needless to say we never left the basement. Around the age of 16 I helped form another crappy clan of noise makers, we called it "DEVIATED SEPTOM" at the time, I had no idea what that meant I just thought it sounded cool. My third musical venture was much more fruitful, I was in my early 20's and began writing songs with an old guitar player friend of mine who wanted to form a band. With the help of a borrowed rhythm section we formed a four piece original rock group called "VAUDEVILLE VAMP". The band had fun playing out locally and competing in a number of battle of the bands competitions over the next couple of years till the rhythm section lost interest and walked away. During the early to mid 90's I worked on developing a rap trio called "TRIPLE DOSE." We would spend our time writing lyrics and rhyming over break beat records and popular rap/hip hop instrumentals. Eventually a limb broke and the outfit became a duo which
we renamed "LEGALLY DEAD". I took a very long hiatus from musical projects, only indulging in an occasional night of karaoke until early 2010 when I began seeking an opportunity to try my hand at doing covers, I soon hooked up with some fellows and helped form "SMASHING ALICE".

Todd Kennedy : Lead guitar

Started playing drums and guitar when I was 11 .Played Drums in my first band at 13 . Did a lot of home parties for the 15 to 16 crowd .Had a manager ,LOL .He was 16 !!! .Did the usual battle of the bands and lunch hour gigs at elementary school where we practiced in the music room.By 20 I was still doing small shows with various bands but was getting tired of Drums and wanted to be up front where all the hot chicks were LOL.I started to focus more on guitar and by my early twenties I was playing guitar in my first professional band "BreakHouse" which toured extensively.I then went on to play in "MAX Krank" , "The Max" and "Tin Soldier".(All were full time touring bands) I retired from music at 29 ,beaten up and burned out.I didn't care if I ever played another guitar again and didn't touch one for the next 18 years.In 2007 my wife bought me a guitar for my birthday and opened up a huge can of worms that has bit her in the ass. Sorry Babe.LOL.The passion was back and the bad agents ,shitty routing , band infighting and general debauchery ( hold on the debauchery was the good part and boy do I have some stories, LOL ).Any how all the bad memories had become the distant past and only the good memmories remained.So When I moved to vegas in 2008 I decided to start playing again and after many hundreds of hours of practice I dusted off the rust and got back to form. After several false starts and a few member changes "Smashing Alice" was born.

Paul cunningham: Bass/vocals

I started playing guitar in high school (pretty shitty I might ad) untill my buddy approached me and said they were looking for a bass player for their punk band "lobotomy"(and the rest is history).Played in the New York City punk scene for a few years untill I joined a couple of metal bands, "kaos", "Rock Hard" and "Dead end Wild".(we actually opened up for saxon, my claim to fame lol). In the late 90's I started playing in cover bands . I got sick of paying to play because original bands make no money. I played with a band "Time Machine" for awhile then when we went our separate ways I formed "volume eleven" which later turned into "if 6 was 9" ,played on the Jersey Shore scene for a few years before moving to vegas in 2008.In vegas i joined a band called "whiskey row" ,played a few gigs with them and we were starting to get a pretty decent following untill the bottom dropped out when some members moved away. Now im playing with 4 other losers with pretty much the same vision as me. "Smashing Alice".

Brian Sylvester: Rhythm/lead/acoustic/vocals

I had tinkered around on the guitar around the age of 8, but began seriously playing at age 13 as a way to escape some hard times I was currently facing,
a tactic I still use to this day. I had a small project in middle school with another guitar player and drummer in my small South Eastern Nebraska town of Auburn.
We called ourselves Ammonia Wave and played for friends and classmates occasionally. It was during high school that I began to spend more time playing guitar and was asked to join the high school "Guitar Band" and Jazz Band. In "Guitar Band" is where I sang in public for the first time.
I also started writing and recording songs in high school, based out of a relationship I had been in and out of for the last 10 years. Before leaving for college, I found a place in my first real band, Bare, with some other guys who had gone to my high school a few years ahead of me. I filled the bass guitar position after they had a falling out with theirs.We played a few shows before I moved to Arizona to attend a recording & sound engineering school. While in Arizona, I recorded a few songs but did not play publicly again until moving back to Nebraska.
Through working at a local record store I was introduced to the singer-songwriter scene in Omaha. I begin writing more and playing publicly
again with a friend of mine I used to jam with in high school. A few years down the road, we formed a band called 44 County. We played around the Omaha and Western Iowa areas and developed a pretty good following. We decided to record an album of my songs that I had written over the years. It was during the recording that I decided to move to Las Vegas for more career opportunities. So, instead of releasing the EP under the band, I released it as my own. Upon moving to Las Vegas, I learned very quickly that the Las Vegas music scene was tougher to form a band than I thought it was going to be. Over the 4 years I have been here, I have met a played with some very talented musicians. I was in a project for a while called Dirty Dealer which played a few shows around town and I also filled in for the singer in Pop Culture occasionally. Finally after
trying for a while, I have found a home in a great band with some great guys, Smashing Alice! We are out to change the Las Vegas cover band scene for the better! With killer sets and a great hard hitting show with the best of hard rock covers from the 90's to current.

Michael Foust: AKA The Hammer . Drums/percussion

Inspired by a backyard drummer in my neighborhood when I was 14, I began the process of acquiring drum pieces as I could afford them and within 6 months had a full set ready to slam out some Grand Funk Railroad & Jimmy Hendrix.
Along this journey I've had the privlege to play, tour and record with a variety of bands and artist for the last 30+ years. These experiences have given me the skill of diversity in styles and approach to the kit, ultimately making me a well rounded skin man.Drummers of greatest inspiration have been John Bonham, Jeff Porcaro & Simon Phillips to name a few.I've continued to grow and mature as a drummer and haven't lost any of my passion to hit things and, in all of this maze of sounds; make music that others are inspired by and enjoy. Weapons of Choice: DW Drums & Hardware, OCP Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Aquarian Heads & Vater Sticks.

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