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Genres: Alternative, Punk, Rock
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Sprockets is an alternative pop rock band originally from Boise, ID who is now accomplishing what others deemed to be impossible. They are sticking to their guns, growing together to complete their goals and make their dreams a reality. Making a career changing decision, the band is relocating to Las Vegas, NV and will be calling Sin City their new home.

Taking their influences from bands such as Deftones, Thrice, Papa Roach and Blink182, this three piece has already found a niche with their new fans. Sprockets recently spent several weeks recording a full length LP at Monkey Trench Studios with engineer and recording artist Mike Herrera (MxPx) which will be released on March 13. “Brodie” Knight Vans, vocals and guitarist, states “Its one of those situations that is intimidating, but I know that it will be better because of how hard he pushes you.” Having the occasion to record with a mentor and the influence of Herrera's stature was an incredible opportunity for Sprockets. Drummer, Dust!n “Hollywood” Johnson, also recapped the recording experience and the recent move explained that it is “all I want to do with my life.” The trio has their goals set high and has no plans of backing down. “Medicated Empty” is Sprockets sophomore LP release. Their previous CDs were titled “Sympathetic Addictions” (LP) and “Screaming Over Car Alarms” (EP) which were released on an independent local label out of Boise. Over these few years since their inception, Sprockets has toured the West Coast and beyond, including MT, WA, OR, NM, CA, UT, TX, and AZ. The band has been blessed to share the stage with many amazing and talented bands. Including The Mediam, Safety Suit, Critical Bill, Friday Night Gunfight, Knock Me Down, Kaddisfly, Mike Herrera's Tumbledown and Victory Recording Artist On the Last Day to name a few. With each show and with every fan they meet, Sprockets leaves a lasting impression that creates a craving and desire for their immediate and speedy return. Initial stages of the bands formation goes as far back as Junior High for Brodie and “Brave Dave” Schwaller. The two have since been “attached at the hip” and inseparable. Every band of their pasts have been a combined effort. It was not until years later and “on the side of the street” that these two young men met the exceptionally gifted drummer Hollywood. Thereafter, the rest became history and Sprockets was born. This amalgamation was now perfect, developing and merging the members' styles together. Blending each individual influence to create the unique sound of Sprockets today.
The release of Medicated Empty is highly anticipated. The bands singles are currently being played on radio station, internet radio and podcasts throughout the country. Sprockets single "Uniformed Mascara" was featured on NBC's Life Season Finale Sprockets has goals to reach out to the masses and inspire both other musicians as well as their fans by “helping lost kids to find their own.”

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Flood Lights
Hollywood Holidays
Safety Nets and Fastened Windows
Uniformed Mascara
Brodie Knight Vans – Guitar, Vocals
Brave Dave Schwaller – Bass, Piano, Vocals
Dust!n Hollywood Johnson – Drums
2006, Las Vegas, NV
Deftones, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Offspring, Johnny Cash, Blink 182, Incubus, & Sevendust
Current status
Touring and writing
Sympathetic AddictionsSympathetic Addictions
Released: 2006
Screaming Over Car AlarmsScreaming Over Car Alarms
Released: 2008
Medicated Empty Medicated Empty
Released: 2009