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The Fat Dukes of Fuck

Genres: Experimental/Noise, Metal, Progressive
Web site:

When one thinks of Las Vegas, the first things that come to mind are drugs, booze, long nights full of debauchery and unthinkable acts of sexual exploits. The Fat Dukes of Fuck embrace all of these things and look only to provide a soundtrack for the local scum that inhabits the filthy desert that is Las Vegas, Nevada.

And now for a little history:
Two-thirds of this pounding fuck-punch hail from the steaming cesspools of Salem, Oregon. Ice Pube (guitar) and Shitwizard (throat), longtime friends and founding members of The Salem Drunkcore scene, joined forces and set out for a place where there is no last-call. Meanwhile, the Ragin’ Cajun, Rockin’ Ronnie Rad Stuff (bass) was relocating from Lafayette, Louisiana on his never ending quest for love. The three teamed up and said “fuck it, we don’t need a drummer.” The rest, as they say, is history.

These metal retards, who suck inspiration from such unlikely heroes as The Melvins, Ween, Ministry, Faith No More and Clutch to name a few, have been performing their red-blooded, crotch tingling live shows in the local gin-joints for anyone who will buy them a Jack & Coke. Their song “Please Don’t Feed the Animals” was recently chosen to be featured in the upcoming independent film One Long Day.

The Dukes new EP You and Your Opinion is sure to put a skip in the step of even the most casual of metal fans. Please open your ears and your hearts to the message of The Fat Dukes of Fuck.

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Rockin' Ronnie Rad Stuff – Bass
Ice Pube – Guitar
Shitwizard – Vocals
The Melvins, Ween, Ministry, Faith No More and Clutch
Current status
Performing locally.