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The Mapes

The Mapes

Genres: Comedy, Punk rock
Web site:

The Mapes have been playing together for over a decade and continue to bring the intensity to live performances. Some of their memorable performances involve raw meat and the occasional hot dog. Frequently seen in lucha libre masks and over-sized foam cowboy hats, the four-piece has a penchant for losing items of clothing as the fan-provided drinks roll in at live shows. The Mapes first self-titled full-length CD is finally available. Check here for details.

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Gotta Get Drunk
Sherf Turlet – Guitar, Vocals
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1999, Las Vegas, NV
Alcohol and Del Taco.
Current status
Performing local gigs and promoting their new CD.
The Mapes vs. WWIXThe Mapes vs. WWIX
The MapesThe Mapes