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The Quitters

Genre: Punk rock
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It was the winter of 2000/01, the junior year of high school for three punks that were destined to make the world spin off its axis. All in their school's band program, The Quitters assembled by chance. Bassist and lead vocalist, Marq Roqsberg, and drummer and back-up vocalist, Miqah Mayhem, had played together before for kicks in a cover band. So started a quick separation where Marq played bass and sang for the ill-fated, Threefold, and Miqah was almost swallowed by the dark side known as emo, playing drums for the also ill-fated, Mayfield Place. Soon Marq and Miqah left the bands. Marq and Miqah reunited along with their buddy, Jim, who played guitar, and they were soon back to their cover band ways. But a fire was growing in the bass and drum section; a need to be original (if being in the previous bands had been useful at all, it made them realize that having a hand in writing the music they were playing was much more fulfilling then just playing someone else's material). The three began writing a song together (called "Take It"), and in the process, discovered that they needed another guitar player. The fates had aligned; a trumpet player from Minnesota had just won a guitar in the school band's spaghetti dinner raffle. His Name: Qarr. Knowing only basic chords, Qarr jumped in enthusiastically, slowly but surely proving his worth on the six-string. The quartet finished "Take It" and began on a new song, "Snivels", a song about the ills of emo music, and also the first song written with all of The Quitters. Along with some covers by Green Day, Pennywise, Berlin and 2gether, the foursome were ready for their first gig, The 1st Annual Milk Gallon Challenge. But before even the first drop of lactose touched a tongue in the contest, Jim left the band, not interested in the rest's ambitions to play hard, fast, aggressive punk rock music. With good will, the band cut their losses and cemented themselves into a punk trio fit for a bar: Marq, Miqah and Qarr...The Quitters.

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Recent Appearances
Vegas Music Summit 2013 - Squidhat Records Showcase
Dirty Panties CD release party
Miqah Mayhem – Drums, Vocals
Mark Roqsburg – Bass, Vocals
Tom Qarr – Guitar, Vocals
2002, Las Vegas, NV
Bad Religion, Pennywise, Refused, Rage Against the Machine
Current status
Recording, playing local and regional gigs
No Album ArtPlan of Attack
Released: 2006