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The Vermin

The Vermin

Genre: Punk/comedy
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In 1984, Dirk and Ruckus started playing in Las Vegas in Vermin From Venus and the band Ruckus. Ten years ago they joined forces to become The Vermin. After playing and recording their first record "Hell or Las Vegas" with Anthony Hudak, they enlisted Gerry Proctor on drums. This is the current lineup for the band.

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Cock Fight
Exciting Sounds of Al Martino
King of Men
Lipstick Smears & Bloodshot Eyes
Rob Ruckus – Bass, Vocals
Gerry "Turbo" Proctor – Drums
Dirk Vermin – Guitar, Vocals
1995, Las Vegas, NV
Don Rickles, The Rat Pack, Misfits, T.S.O.L., The Damned, Whiskey
Current status
Touring, recording and writing.
No Album ArtHell or Las Vegas
Label: Wood Shampoo
Released: 1996
No Album ArtThe Vermin vs. You!
Label: Wood Shampoo
Released: 1998
No Album ArtLoose Women, Hard Livin' & the Devil
Label: Wood Shampoo
Released: 2000
No Album ArtA Fist Full of Hell
Label: Wood Shampoo
Released: 2007
No Album ArtThe Exciting Sounds of Al Martino
Released: 2009