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Unhappy Virgin

Unhappy Virgin

Genre: Punk
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The roots of Unhappy Virgin can be traced back to almost ten years ago when three kids with a love of punk music decided that just listening to it wasn't enough. Not knowing how to play instruments, they nevertheless started a band. Over time, they learned how to play together creating a musical symbiosis that cannot be duplicated.

Over the last decade the members of the band have experienced hardships that would have normally killed most dreams. Drug addiction, heartbreak, poverty, hell, one member was even pronounced dead! But the love of punk music was not an easy bond to break. No matter how bad life got, the three punks from sin city found themselves always going back to the music.

In 2004 Jeff and his family moved out of Sin City and relocated to Carson City. Although at that time the future was uncertain, no one let go of the dream. Three years later Jeff moved back to Vegas alone with the sole purpose of igniting the band.

It is with this sincerity that the band continues today. There's a lot of pent up aggression and anger that can only be released with the music. And while every other band has adopted a more easy sound, Unhappy Virgin continues to write music with the kind of rage that only the spirit of youth can contain.

Lyrics ranging from politics, to love, and personal demons resonate from the band's hardcore sound.

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Jeff – Guitar, Vocals
Nick – Bass, Vocals
Eric – Drums, Vocals
1998, Las Vegas, NV
Current status
Performing locally.