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When You Wake

When You Wake

Genres: Pop, Rock, Soul
Web site:

Many moons ago, Steven and Neil met at Swainston Middle School (circa 2004) and decided that they would become best friends. This friendship also produced the beginnings of a band that many would grow to call The Aggressive Napkins (TAN, TANK, etc). It is this band that would serve as the foundation for the massive structure which would be fabricated, through musical genius, in the next few years of these adolescents lives.

Since those days, Neil quit drumming for TAN, being replaced by Jered Jones (who is also a solid drummer), and started various other projects including Take Your Chances At Home, Round One: Fight!, and Handguns & Alibis.

In the latter two of the previously mentioned band's, Nathan Gomez began to play bass along-side Neil, having never played the bass previous to the late months of 2007. At this point, the Napkins had been desperately trying to finish their roster with a bassist and possibly a vocalist. Numerous attempts to place members in various positions ended in even more confusion and frustration.

Eventually, irrational fees for missed practices, a failure to communicate, and rising tensions between band-mates led to the downfall of The Aggressive Napkins, indefinitely, after 3 years of humorous videos and cover songs. It was this dilution that alleviated Steven and Jered from Beau's clutches and paved the road to When You Wake's uprising.

Meanwhile, Nathan and Neil (who had met with little success or fulfillment in each of their bands and were currently in Handguns & Alibis) were hailed by Jered to join up with him and Steven for the Cheyenne High School Talent show (early May 2008) where they would play a cover of The Rocket Summer's "So Much Love" (video can be seen on the left side of their MySpace page).

This arrangement of people just seemed to click when practicing for this debut performance. They decided to find the group a name for the show, and When You Wake sprung forth like a phoenix from the ashes. After the conclusion of the show, the musicians were dead-set on continuing through with this group in order to seek and inspire greatness. All is well.

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A Brisk New Feeling
Neil Larson – Drums
Nathan Gomez – Bass
Steven Wright – Guitar
Jered Jones – Bass, Drums, Guitar, Piano
2008, North Las Vegas, NV
Angels & Airwaves, The Rocket Summer, Secondhand Serenade
Current status
Performing and recording. Wanting to tour.