Sammy Hagar teaches us to make sex in a glass

Sammy Hagar launches Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum at his Cabo Wabo Cantina in Planet Hollywood’s Miracle Mile Shops on Friday, Feb. 17, 2012. Chef Emeril Lagasse was among the guests.
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The Red Rocker is adding a new liquor line to his arsenal. Hagar was in town this past weekend to launch his new Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum at Cabo Wabo Cantina. With pal Emeril Lagasse by his side, the rock star posed for pictures and sampled cocktails featuring his new premium silver rum.

The 80-proof spirit is available locally in liquor stores and bars including his own Cabo Wabo Cantina in the Miracle Mile Shops. The smooth rum is tasty on the rocks and in Cabo Wabo’s specialty cocktails like the new Sammy’s Shark Bite, a deliciously sweet drink made with Beach Bar Rum, Southern Comfort, orange juice, sweet and sour mix, simple syrup and Sprite.

Sammy Hagar Launches Sammy's Beach Bar Rum

Were you directly involved with the creation of this product?

It was so quick you wouldn’t believe it. I was in Hawaii with Mark Nigbur who makes Pau Vodka out of pineapples in Hawaii. I tasted this vodka and it was the best vodka I had ever had in my life. Everyone said I had to meet this guy because he looked like me and he was a big fan. They said everybody thought he was me walking around the island. So I had dinner with him because I wanted to meet him and I asked him why he wasn’t making rum with all the sugar cane on the island. He said he’d make me some rum. I went back two months later with a bottle design and then we took off with it.

Is this only available at Cabo Wabo Cantina right now?

Hopefully in the next few months it’s going to be all over town. Larry Ruvo with Southern Wine and Spirits has made a great commitment to help me out with this product, and it should be everywhere in Nevada and then California next month.

Do you plan on adding any new flavors to your line of rum?

It’s just the white rum right now. We’ve been experimenting with things to come and my other favorite flavor uses raw kola nuts and they soak them in a tea bag and it becomes like a rum and Coke but without the Coke. You throw a cherry in there, on ice, and I’m telling you, it will blow your mind. The other one is made with white, black and red peppercorns, just one of each ground up and you put them in a bottle of the white rum for a week then strain them out and that pepper flavor with the sweetness of the rum is great. We’re also working on a pineapple rum. It will probably be at least a year because it’s all handmade. There’s no factory.

Do you have a favorite drink on the Cabo Wabo menu?

It’s a girly drink. My favorite is the coconut-rimmed margarita and now we’re making it with the rum, too. It’s called Sammy’s Beach Rum Toasted Colada. That sucker tastes better than any mixed drink I’ve ever had in my life. The rum is like crème brulee because we burn it a little bit when we make it. So when you put that burnt sugar rum with coconut, pineapple and cream, what do you get? Sex in a glass!


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