Here’s to H2O

As someone long skeptical about this whole eight-glasses-of-water-a-day edict passed down however long ago, I gotta say the second-best thing a laminated CineVegas credential gives one access to (aside from the, you know, movies and all) is the water. Though Red Bull's nice to have on hand as far as sponsors go, there's free Fiji every time you turn around, with bottles on ice strategically scattered around the lounge, arranged in an eye-pleasing diamond shape on trays circulating at Wednesday night's Concert for Giving performance/party at the Palms pool, even being passed out in theaters prior to a film or two. "Ah! It's that Fiji!" an elderly gentleman behind me shouted to his elderly spouse before the lights went down for The End. "It's the expensive stuff! It's filtered through volcanoes!" Only three days in and already a pattern is emerging: Maneuver my un-air-conditioned car through the too-small-to-begin-with-and-half-of-it's-blocked-off-with-infuriating-gates parking garage, end up parking in the strip mall across Arville, continue sweating profusely as I walk back, procure free water, plop down in a cushioned seat and actually look forward to repeating it all again. Cheers.


Julie Seabaugh

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