And they don’t utilize their MySpace page to the fullest, either …

Nine days in, and it was only this evening that I first heard (or read, actually) of the 10 "trailers" making up the CineVegas Viral Videos. I had caught a few of the experimental snippets before certain features, but until now had been unaware of exactly what they were or where they came from. Reads the official literature, "For our tenth anniversary we asked alum filmmakers to make online trailers for CineVegas X. From dark, atmospheric motel rooms to boxing, ghosts, neon and old folks, they show our underground moral fiber."

Quibble 1: You can't just proclaim a video to be viral. It must earn that distinction by going forth and being forwarded on its own merit. Quibble 2: "In the spirit of the Internet"? For a supposed cutting-edge, forward-thinking operation, that sounds a bit vague and woefully dated. Quibble 3: Out of the 34 posted on the channel, the six specified vids fall under the heading "Ten Things About Vegas." Was the original intention to feature 10 videos? Or are the six supposed to be revealing 10 different aspects of a particular subject? Or something else altogether? Not that the efforts of Tom Barndt, the Zellner brothers, Kevin Everson, James Fotopoulos, Cam Archer and the duo of Randy Walker and Jennifer Shainin aren't intriguing, but as head-scratching as the content may be, it's nothing compared to the method in which it's presented.


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