Crowd and Cloud wow

A Crowd of Small Adventures’ Jack Wilcox and the back of Teller’s head at the CineVegas screening of Thor at the Bus Stop.

Entries on a future "Places I've Seen A Crowd of Small Adventures Play" list: Jillians, Beauty Bar times 20, The Bunkhouse times a million, a Starbucks, a few venues I'm probably forgetting, at Neon Reverb, in Weekly arts and entertainment editor Spencer Patterson's living room, and now at CineVegas headquarters inside the Palms.

While most of the credit for fun, funky lark Thor at the Bus Stop will go to and is fully deserved by writing/directing/acting/editing duo Jerry and Mike Thompson, their debut feature film was also a showcase for the talents of local indie artists. Following a distortion-plagued set by ordinarily engrossing frontman Mike Weller’s Hungry Cloud, ACOSA vocalist/guitarist Jackson Wilcox, drummer Weller, violinist/keyboardist Megan Wingerter and bassist Ronald Corso performed four fan favorites including "Bang Bang" and "Death of an Idol," as well as a new Killers-inspired, as-yet-untitled number. Not only did the quintet win over a room packed with jaded industry types (and Dennis Hopper), but Thor actor Wilcox also walked the red carpet—much to the teary-eyed delight of his mom—and shared a theater armrest with fellow Thor player Teller. Wilcox also scored the film; Wingerter appears as a musical contributor and as an extra near the film's end.

Though Wilcox joined the two-dozen-plus cast and crew members onstage following Friday's sold-out world premiere, Wells was invited to stand when an audience question concerning the soundtrack revealed that A Crowd of Small Adventures and Hungry Cloud provided the lion's share of material. Fellow locals Kid Meets Cougar and Wyatt McKenzie, who hijacked the headquarters stage post-Crowd for a few not-entirely-appropriate numbers of his own, also contributed songs.

Though a soundtrack is not yet (or foreseeably) available, a link to select streams can be found at the film's website, and through the National Southwestern record label.


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