If you want to see a movie about what the magic industry’s truly like, Desperate Acts of Magic is the film for you.

Movie magic: What happens when a film focuses on regular, working magicians?

November 11th, 2013

If you want to see a movie about what the magic industry’s truly like, Desperate Acts of Magic is the film for you.

  • I went as Gaston, and in the process, I learned that quite a few people have serious Beauty and the Beast fetishes.

  • What does Vegas get right and wrong about its Italian counterparts?

  • Recently I was forced to confront my gluttony and consumerism head-on and where you'd least expect it.

  • Ever wonder what a $100,000 chip looks like?

  • Limit poker is for more cautious players, like octogenarians and Cleverboy, but it can sometimes yield interesting bonuses.

  • It's an exciting time for Zappos and Downtown Las Vegas, almost as exciting as penguins waddling around the Gold Spike.

  • The word "nerd" has gotten out of hand. Let's put things back in order.

  • A loaf of bread from the dollar store means so much to the many creatures at Sunset Park.

  • Every competition goes through a scandal, even ... the Mafia championship?

  • Hanging with Larry Wilmore and other highlights from this week's MAGIC Live convention.

  • In this week's Cleverboy, life imitates art. (In this case, art is a cheesy Billy Crystal movie.)

  • Last time, it was about grammar. This time, it's serious.

  • Unsurprisingly, "unsurprisingly" is actually a real word.

  • Ravella resort at Lake Las Vegas offers relaxation opportunity.

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    The band was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2016.

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    Take the opportunity to lean into the Valentine’s Day classics and spoil your loved one senseless.

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    Like a lot of Vegas stuff, you can have it whenever, wherever, however you like.

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    The interior design keeps the vintage vibes going with simple, clean décor.

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    "We’ve talked to other performers about bringing back that kind of thing but it takes a certain chemistry to make that work."

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    Fans say Lego pulled the set because Mandalay Bay is one of the buildings represented.

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    "Even more important than making the pizza really good is making the community feel like they have a place."

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    The Park Theater resident explained that songs were inspired by prolific pop producers Babyface, Teddy Riley and Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis.

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    The festival's eighth Las Vegas Motor Speedway edition takes place May 18-20.

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    The time put into the soup is apparent.

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    Two towers house eight projectors, which splash 80,000 lumens of life back into the old signs. In short, magic.

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    Ethel M, a truffle festival and … the Mob Museum?