The MAGIC Model Expo (which, I’m told, has some fashion stuff, too)

I wonder whether she comes to life, like Jeff The Mannequin…

I’ve never before seen so many beautiful women under one roof. I’ve never before fallen in love thrice per minute. I’ve never before been to MAGIC Marketplace convention.

Yes, the international fashion industry’s preeminent trade event has come to town, and it’s brought thousands of stunning young models with it.

Sorry to go on and on about the booth babes, but their attractiveness is unarguably noteworthy; many of these women are positioned before larger-than-life posters of actual supermodels…and they nonetheless compete.

Would that I be those scissors...

Was I completely oblivious to the fashion? No. I overheard the word “Steampunk” thrown around (particularly in the shoe section, particularly around the shoes with bolts for heels), and I noted several companies with the word “Mafia” in their names…but, yeah, I’d be lying if I said the models weren’t a tad distracting.

Tell you what: I promise to blog about fashion tomorrow. I’m heading to the Men’s Apparel section, so there should be fewer distractions there.

Stay tuned!


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