MAGIC and magic, for dudes and Disney villains

There were a couple clothing lines with “Mafia” in their names. Discuss.

Yesterday I returned to the MAGIC Marketplace fashion convention for more psychological punishment. I spent the day in the Menswear section, among hundreds of guys who were taller, handsomer, and better dressed than I was.

Effing male models.

Poor unfortunate souls hate this dress.

But in those few moments that I wasn’t feeling sorry for my hideous self, I noted a lot pre-wrinkled shorts and rolled up sleeves. I’d say that I foresee a laidback year, fashion-wise…only I saw a lot military-inspired clothes, too. So I’m not sure whether the two balance each other out….

(Is a military-inspired t-shirt rigid? I suppose your answer to that question will depend on whether you see tuxido t-shirt as formal or informal.)

The single coolest garment I saw yesterday? A balloon dress. But I didn’t see it at MAGIC; I saw it at magician Jeff McBride’s Wonderground show.

Ursula incarnate, no?


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