A heartfelt holiday apology

Dear Las Vegas Weekly readers,

We at Las Vegas Weekly strive to keep you abreast of the most exciting cultural events happening in your city and across the nation. We do this, in part, through our “Trust Us,” segment in which we explicitly ask that you put your trust in us by watching, listening to, and reading the TV shows, the CDs, and the books that we recommend.

Last week, I asked you to ‘trust me’ and watch the season finale of NBC’s The Sing-Off.

I’d now like to apologize to anybody who did.

I’m sorry.

Awful. Two hours of awfulness. The drama was nonexistent, and the American Idol Gives Back-inspired charity segments were woefully contrived. Bad songs, boring arraignments, mediocre singing. Even Ben Folds, one of my musical heroes, dropped the ball. You know a show is bad when the best performance comes from Nick Lachey.

And it did.

In my defense: the past few Sing-Off episodes have been stellar. Still, if you never trust anything I ever say again, I will understand.

Again, I’m sorry.

— Rick


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