The morality of mess

It’s like Jenga, but not as fun or sanitary.
I saw this trashcan in the Mandalay Bay parking garage. It raises an interesting moral question: Let’s say you walked up to this trashcan with a bottle to throw out. And let’s say you put the bottle on top of the can and it fell to the floor. Or maybe you threw the bottle on the ground, right by the can, because you knew that if you put it on top of the other garbage, it would fall down and possibly cause a bottle avalanche. Would Mandalay have the right to object? In other words, would you have an obligation to walk to a different trashcan and dispose of your bottle there, or does Mandalay have an obligation to keep its trashcans (at least) partially empty? (And if Manday doesn’t fulfill that obligation, does the casino lose its right to object?)

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