You’re not as clever as you think, and neither, perhaps, are we.

Oh, nobody’s ever thought of doing that before.

What’s the #1 most photographed spot on the Las Vegas strip? Is it the Bellagio fountains? Is it the Mirage Volcano? Is it the Eiffel Tower?

Based on absolutely no testing and no serious analysis whatsoever, I’d say the most photographed spot is the pair of giant marble breasts jutting out of the wall in Mandalay Bay.

Every other tourist group that walks by these breasts snaps a picture with ‘em. Usually groping, occasionally kissing, rarely licking.

Potentially not as clever as we originally thought.

Here’s why I’m thinking about the Mandalay breast photos right now:

Last weekend, S. and I went to Encore, and we snapped this cute picture with one of the parking garage elevator bank lighting fixtures. We spent the following day thinking we were so clever for having done so, but now we’re starting to suspect we’re not the first ones to use the lamps as antlers.

Has anybody out there beat us to the punch?


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