Fake Friends, Incorporated

Just imagine yourself in this photo.

I've got a million-dollar business idea, and I’m looking for investors.

Working Title: Make Me Popular. (Somebody register MakeMePopular.com, STAT!)

Company Mission: Make our clients appear more popular than they really are.

Business Plan: For a couple hundred bucks, we’ll drive you around Las Vegas and snap hundreds of photos of you with professional models.

We’ll stage all sorts of fun, adventurous and quirky situations in all sorts of different environments (clubs, bars, cafes, parks, pools, living rooms, etc). And then, you can post the pictures on your Facebook page, little by little, over the course of the next few months. (For realism, be sure to bring at least five different outfits to the photo shoot.)

Business Growth Plan: Eventually, we’ll serve digital clients. Unpopular people from across the globe will submit photos of Fake Friends, Incorporated.

Okay, okay, I was kidding about looking for investors… but if anybody did want to give me a ton of money to actually attempt to put this business together, I wouldn’t be altogether opposed…

So, who's in?


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