Just an iPad, folks. Nothing to see here.

Just an iPad, folks. Nothing to see here.

I got an iPad.

I hope this doesn’t change anything between us; I still put my pants on one leg at a time.

2 iPad observations:

1) The email is awesome. Not the layout or the functionality, but the fact that all my messages now end with, "Sent from my iPad."

When somebody reads this at the end of one of my emails, it causes them to go back and reread everything I said with deeper concentration and respect.

Ricky's got an iPad?, they think. Then I better go back and double-check this email for symbolism.

2) What’s not awesome is the iPad default wallpaper. It’s got shooting stars that look just like screen scratches.

Apple surely realized that people would think the stars were scratches at first glance…meaning Apple left them in as a sick practical joke.

Not funny, Apple. Caused me much stress.

Oh, and in case these two observations seem trivial or uninteresting, you should know, I typed this blog entry...on my iPad!


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