You know you’ve been in Vegas too long when you can’t tell whether you’re at a porn convention.

Tourists or porn stars? Who knows?

The most shocking thing about last week’s Hard Rock’s XFANZ Outdoor Porn Expo was how much it resembled any other afternoon at a Vegas casino pool. I’m not saying XFANZ wasn’t sufficiently pornographic—it was; there were over 100 starlets in attendance—I’m saying XFANZ revealed, by comparison, how pornified the Vegas pool party scene has truly become.

Not that I’m complaining…

“The purpose of the XFANZ expo,” event organizer Kristen Kaye told me, “is to give guys the chance to interact with the porn stars. At the AEE, the girls are behind the counters, but here, they’re out talking, swimming, and interacting with the fans.”

I can attest to the bit about interactions in the pool. Cliché as it might sound, “scandalous” is the only way to describe them.

But then again, that’s probably the only way to describe Rehab, Tao Beach, and Ditch Fridays, too.


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