Unhelpful parking guidelines and mysterious percentages.

Park and 50th.

1) I know I’ve picked on the Pad Thai restaurant on Rancho and Charleston recently. So before I do so again, let me mention that their food is delicious and cheap. Six bucks for a pad Thai lunch that comes with soup, salad, rice, and an egg roll. Sorry, but you just can’t beat that.

Okay, back to picking on them: “SHORT TERM PARKING” isn’t helpful, guys. Short termness is relative. Will I have my car towed after ten minutes? Five hours? Five days?

Maybe you should clarify. For your sake, not mine. (Your customers don’t enjoy spending their meals wondering whether they’re going to get towed—makes them less likely to return.)

2) Okay, Hilton gift shop, but what about 50%?

3) Crap. I’m 28 and already I’ve turned into Andy Rooney.


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