The Sticky Bra and sticking it out after 30

A rendering of CityCenter’s The Deuce.
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Recently, I visited Deuce Lounge at Aria with my lovely roommate and three of her friends: Tala (one of Matt Goss’s Dirty Virgin Dancers), Kat (a freelance dancer), and Kat’s friend Jared, an inked club host.

Our drinks were comped because we’re young(ish) and pretty, so I non-splurged and went for the $25 Deuce-Tini. The girls all went for Raspberry Lemon Sorbets (Belvedere vodka, Belvedere Cytrus, Raspicello, Limoncello, fresh lemon juice, fresh raspberry puree, simple syrup, vanilla lemon float). Then, after the first round of drinks, Kat showed us her Sticky Bra.

A Sticky Bra, I learned, is composed of two sticky teardrop-shaped breast covers, which fasten together at the center. That’s the whole bra. No straps, no wraps, no nothing. Of course, to properly display the bra, Kat had to lower her tank top a bit. Enough to disrupt the $100-limit blackjack, but not enough to get us kicked out.

Tala was debating whether she should celebrate her 30th birthday with a pillow fight or with a Dirty Santa party. Big question.

But the bigger question is this: What does one do when they turn 30 in Vegas?


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