Sign #224 of the apocalypse.
Photo: Rick Lax

The media is obsessed with KFC’s Double Down. Apparently the all-meat sandwich is, to date, the clearest sign of the coming apocalypse.

But in terms of KFC food-crime, the 2XD (can I trademark a sandwich nickname?) is nothing compared to this:

Last night, I ordered two pieces of KFC grilled chicken (a drumstick and a thigh), and I asked for honey mustard and sweet & sour sauce… and, well, look how much sauce the guy gave me. Three tubs per chicken piece!

Is this KFC’s usual policy? How many mustard trees must perish before change is made? (Kidding: I have no idea whether there’s actually any mustard in KFC’s “mustard.”) Was the guy at the window hoping to get a tip from me? Was he hitting on me? What’s going on? Is this the apocalypse?!


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