That’s what you get for going out in Vegas

The sign of a good start to the night.
Photo: Rick Lax

I started the night off with a fish sandwich and a mojito from Café Bellagio, the restaurant next to the botanical gardens.

My dad (who visits Vegas a few times a year) refers to this kind of restaurant as a “coffee shop.” (Is that a Midwestern thing? An old-school Vegas thing? Really, what kind of coffee shop serves mojitos?)

My visiting friend, Samir, had never seen the gardens before.

Another photo of one of Vegas' most photographed sites.

“I didn't know Vegas had this kind of stuff,” he said.

The Bellagio Botanical Gardens have got to be the most photographed thing in all of Vegas—and that's including the “Welcome To Camp Vegas, Nevada” sign.

You know they changed "Las" to “Camp,” right?

Seriously--Google it.

(But not now.)

Onto the Aria Poker Room for a second mojito, but no poker. I waited 20 minutes for a limit seat to open up, but none did. Maybe it’s time for me to start playing no-limit…

Almost forgot: I had a giant tequila shot before I left the poker room.

Met S. at Haze for more drinking, dancing and people watching. This is how the people looked at first…

Leach Blog Photo

…and here’s how they looked a bit later.

Leach Blog Photo

When the matching frames go on, the cameras come out. Took the SpyOnVegas photographer 20 seconds to find us.

Leach Blog Photo

…and here’s how the people looked at the end of the night.

Leach Blog Photo

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