H&M now giving away books with underpants, sorta…

Free and inconvenient with every purchase!

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, the following Photo Roundup blog post is worth 2,122 words.

Here we go!

Let’s start with the big photo. Last month, I bought a couple pairs of underwear from H&M. The one with the Superman logo on the front came with a free book! Unfortunately, the book was sewn into the underwear. Five effing pages—very itchy ones.

Prepare for nightmares.

Next photo: Usually I drink regular coffee. But I was feeling ambitious this week, so I went for a mocha frap. My barista asked me if she wanted me to make a smiley face out of chocolate sauce. I said sure. And this is what she gave me. The least smiley, most terrifying face I’ve ever seen.


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