Hot, tense mime-on-mime action…sort of

Cleverboy Performing as Luc the Mime - from

I’ve been writing for Las Vegas Weekly’s A&E section for nearly two years now. I’ve done a ton of book reviews, but also some show reviews. Most have been positive, some have been negative.

The negative reviews really get to my friends, many of whom are local performers. In fact, whenever any local entertainer gets a bad review, it’s always my fault. Regardless of how terrible the performer is and regardless of whether I wrote the review.

I’m told that critics have it easy. I’m told that it’s easy to criticize and impossible to create. So, every now and then, to show my friends that I’m not only capable of dishing it out, I take to the stage.

Two months ago I performed magic at Jeff McBride’s Wonderground. This week I performed alternative comedy at After the Show with Jungle Josh.

Here’s the proof. Entertainers: Criticize away!


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