Throw a sexy, badass Halloween party

Yes, my pecs are real.

I’m not afraid to call a spade a spade or tell it like is.

The pictures speak for themselves, and this is what they say: You WISH your Halloween party was this awesome.

Well, guess what: Your Halloween party can be this awesome. As long as you follow these three guidelines:

1) Hold your party a couple days before Halloween. Everybody’s already got plans on Halloween night. And if they don’t, well, is that really the type of person you want to have at your party?

Rick Lax's House Party

2) Set the bar for costumes really low. If you put too much pressure on your friends, they’re not going to show up. And don’t worry: those who want to put a ton of effort into their costumes still will. I promise.

3) Scare people. Pull a prank, set up a haunted room, hold a séance—do something frightening. Give your friends something to talk about aside from how drunk everybody got.

Happy Halloween, and see you at next year’s party!


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